3 Things You Can Do With A Cosmetology Degree

Do you work in a career that you aren't necessarily happy with? Do you feel like you want to do something else with your life? Do you have a passion for the beauty industry? If so, then you may want to go to cosmetology school. During cosmetology school, you will get all sorts of training in a variety of different areas. Are you ready to learn more about what those areas are and why you should consider going to cosmetology school? If so, then read on a little bit more. 

Hair Cuts

One of the biggest things that you'll learn how to do when you go to cosmetology school is how to do a haircut for both men and women. During the first few weeks of training, you will watch as your instructor does a variety of different haircuts and then you will take notes. Then, you will get to move to mannequin heads where you can try out a variety of different hair cutting techniques. once your instructor thinks that you are ready, you'll be able to work on cosmetology volunteers (which means real people)!

Hair Color

The most difficult thing that you may learn to do in cosmetology school is how to color hair. Whether it's an all over color, baylyage, or highlights, there are a variety of different hair dying techniques that you will learn while you're at school. One of the trickiest parts about hair dying is the technique and how to mix the color but these are two things that your instructor will teach you how to do. 


Cosmetology school isn't just for hair; it's about makeup too. During your cosmetology school career, they will teach you how to match people for makeup and how to apply it as well. To start out, you will learn things such as how to do complexion on someone. Then, you will learn to eye makeup, contouring, and eye brows. The fun thing about makeup is that it's easy to practice on real people because you can just wipe it off which means that you can usually dive wright in without having to practice on mannequins. 

Are you interested in furthering your career and learning more about the beauty industry? If so, then make sure that you check out the cosmetology schools near you and take some tours. During your tour, they will show you the school and the curriculum so that you can find the right school for you.